Branding & Marketing

The creative process sometimes seems chaotic and endless. This is true on one level, but they do follow a hierarchy of underlining steps. The most important part of any task involves following some sort of process.

Advertising & Analytics

Effective advertising and marketing efforts need validation. It is much more than just targeting an audience but the effective measurement and performance-based models that prove it by wisely spending your budget.

Information & Integration

By looking at your entire organization and the flow of information for your entire business process (BPM) and product life-cycle management (PLM), we can determine strategic steps and logical investments in productivity.

Logic Problems

Solving Logic Problems

This is the way we think about everything and so should you and everyone in your organization.

Responsibility: Who (YOU?)
Identification: What (Sources)
Evaluation: How (Activities & Participants)
Definition: Why (Assumptions & External Factors)

  1. Identify INPUTS from SOURCES: Everyone and Everything involved or impacted
  2. Collect and Evaluate OUTPUTS from ACTIVITIES and PARTICIPANTS

The Mindtool Advantage

We got started before the Internet and technology was anywhere close to the abundant resource it is today. Over two decades ago, we saw and/or created some of the most forward thinking technologies that exist today. Before "the Cloud," we called it distributive work & computing. This is just one example. Let us tell you about how we pioneered solutions that are related specific to your business and industry.


Next Steps...

Business Intelligence is more than those two words. To truly understand what it takes to move ahead, take the next step and talk to a Solutions Architect and build your better business.