Real solutions require both form & function has been our mantra for two decades. Everything starts with solving logic problems. This logical approach is not without its creative solutions. Questions drive solutions, if you are not asking questions then we never get any answers.


Brilliant design sparked by inspiration & ingenuity is our creative process. Being able to notice the world around us is the first part. In almost a prophetic fashion, we see where markets, technology, and cultures are headed. You must be ready to accept and adopt change, it is inevitable.


Engineering methods require collaboration & transparency. We require both but most importantly, to automate certain processes, everyone must participate. Facilitate till you can automate is how you establish a routine in distributive work with everyone's contribution.

Putting it simple.

Mindtool is a design, marketing & technology company that specializes in making Internet ideas work for your business.

We can help establish your brand, create infrastructure, develop technology, and market your business to your industry.

Do you have an Internet idea or your business needing a new image? Talk to us. We have the technology, experience, creativity, and insight to make it work.

Logic Problems

Next Steps...

Whatever your focus, whatever your industry, whatever your situation? If there is no solutions, then there is no problem. Mindtool will help you discover the knowledge either way.